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Keep it short. My job is a mini -bus luxury Mercedes. We were on our way back to a client and thought I was falling asleep in the back. asked me to draw, I thought of the "call of nature. " I turned to ask if she was okay. She was absolutely fine. She had revealed to him a short "Dress Secretary" in stockings and high heels. Her hair was tied and tight lens assembly of the image that any cook would be happy in the morning. I see that happened in the attack were in damplips it took me to the back of the truck. The rest hid the intent of the sophisticated look very serious to get what he wanted, and soon found ourselves in a self-indulgent find that the cars pass. He damplips took me to his mouth and slowly enveloped me hard. sat back and legs spread of these oh- so- beautiful in the top of the two seats next to her. I pulled her panties to one side did not want to spoil the perfect package. I walked slowly toward her, and was delivered in soft damp heat of her body. EMIed short, simple instructions and soon the winds and demanding full deep and hard. I did what I was going to a very satisfying climax, which I dare say that we enjoyed so ordered. We righted ourselves and this time sat in damplips the front next to me. 's legs were long and damplips shapely and sat with his heels on the board shows I always stock up and arched her back, so fantastic breasts is charged on the dress. drove around 20K when they said they had been shot to another. We stopped briefly in another were watching the stars, since it really was a very clear night, and when we saw we had a little " feel", noting that all systems were back "go". driving a few miles, where I stopped in a layby with a bank. I thought we were here to fuck, but how elegant lady was lifted on the bench. She damplips opened her lovely legs and invited me to enter, pressed hard, and grew very slowly in agentle pace and deep. We were on the bench for 15 minutes before we are fantastic perfectly synchronized. She stretched her legs around my back and brought me in hard. She took her orgasm, he wrapped it around my penis and made me tension in Cumming. Long and light. Starlight, and sex. end to what a great way for a long day
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